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About Us

A little bit about the people behind NismoTech...


Hi guys, my name is Andy and I am the founder of NismoTech. I built my first system at the age of 13 which was running a socket 5 133MHz Intel CPU running O/S 2 Warp and windows 3.1. Since then I have been heavily involved with PCs, completing a BTEC and HND in computing whilst at college. Nowadays I am working full time as IT technical support for one off the UKs largest companies.

The thoughts behind NismoTech came when I was looking to purchase the LEPA 4c Casino fan, I was struggling to find a review on this fan on YouTube, that was clear, without background music and was detailed enough to make me want to buy the fan. After taking the plunge I did my first ever video on this fan and decided to contact some brands to get there opinion. Following this I started to receive items through the post to review. Support from top brands like be quiet!, Cooler Master and Antec grew during the early stages and the brands were impressed by the in depth and honest reviews that I was doing. Since our channel properly started in October 2013 the video quality and content has improved massively to the stage that we are at now, being supported by nearly all off the biggest brands in IT.

In February, Neil joined the team to help create content related to consoles. I was massively impressed by his vlogs that he had done previously and his down to earth approach to his vlogs are what drew me to ask him to jump on board. Since then I've never looked back and Neils' content for NismoTech continues to keep me gripped to his videos. His honesty and confidence in his work shines through and he is a fantastic team member. His support and positive forward thinking has improved the channel and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done and is doing for me.

More recently I have added Lee to the team who is vastly experienced in modding, water cooling and other enthusiast areas are what encouraged me to ask him to jump on board. We are working on a water cooled test rig for Lee to perform reviews with and test all the latest GPU’s and water cooling components. Lee will also be delving into other categories as well as time goes by.



Hi my name is Lee. I'm a PC and gaming enthusiast from a young age. Around 8 years ago I joined the IT industry working with an enthusiast reseller. Today I'm a Channel Manager for the UK and Ireland so fingers crossed my expertise and experience will ensure my reviews are honest, unbiased and fun to watch or read. I am also an active poster on

I'm also a big football fan and support my local Wolverhampton Wanderers for my sins!



Hi there, my name is Neil, also known as The Grumpy Old Gamer, and I review for NismoTech UK! I mostly concentrate on console and PC Gaming items for NismoTech as this is where my background and knowledge is.

I have been involved with gaming for quite some time, both recreationally and semi-competitively in leagues.

A couple of years ago I got into blogging and vlogging about gaming in general, but Esports in particular. This led onto content writing for sites such as 360 Icons and Gfinity, which in turn led to me joining the prestigious European Esports team, Epsilon.

I am currently Community Manager for Epsilon, which involves managing their Social Media output and dealing with a lot of website activity. I also help with marketing and liaising with the teams and sponsors.

I'm also a family man with 3 kids and a wife, and love sports, especially cricket and football.

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The other Andy

Hi, I'm the other Andy who built the Nismotech website. I've been a web developer for the past 17 years working on a number of varied projects across a wide range of industries, being responsible for graphic design, coding (from basic HTML through to PHP, CSS3, Jquery and HTML5) and database development (MySQL) - basically a one-stop-shop for web design and I really dislike WordPress (it's just a glorified blog) et al.

I've been using computers since 1980, starting with my first contact with a Commodore PET at school, and have been using and building/repairing them ever since. I'm always amazed at the advances that have been made over the years in computing and the hardware and just look forward to what the future holds in IT.