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Case Fans Unboxing, Reviews and Tests

Fans are one of the best ways to not only keep yourself cool but also keep your PC cool with case fans.

Fans are a pretty cheap, effective way of moving airflow throughout the case, replacing hot air with cooler air and therefore increasing the efficiency of system components.

We all like to keep cool so we should also treat our computers the same way. Here is a cool place to start looking for the fans you need in our case fans section.

Featured : Thermaltake

Luna 12 Blue LED

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ID-Cooling : NO12025 120mm {Red LED}
ID-Cooling : NO12025 120mm {Red LED}
NO12025 120mm {Red LED}


Nismotech Rating: 93%
Reviewed: Saturday 11th October 2014
Enermax : T.B Vegas Quad
Enermax : T.B Vegas Quad
T.B Vegas Quad


Nismotech Rating: 95%
Reviewed: Friday 11th April 2014
LEPA : 4c Casino 120mm
LEPA : 4c Casino 120mm has been awarded the Reviewer Award
4c Casino 120mm


Nismotech Rating: 90%
Reviewed: Thursday 17th October 2013
Antec : TrueQuiet Pro 120mm
Antec : TrueQuiet Pro 120mm has been awarded the Value Award
TrueQuiet Pro 120mm


Nismotech Rating: 80%
Reviewed: Tuesday 14th May 2013
Noctua : NF-S12B 120mm
Noctua : NF-S12B 120mm
NF-S12B 120mm


Nismotech Rating: 75%
Reviewed: Tuesday 7th May 2013
be quiet! : Silent Wings 2 120mm {1500 rpm}
be quiet! : Silent Wings 2 120mm {1500 rpm} has been awarded the Reviewer Award
Silent Wings 2 120mm {1500 rpm}

be quiet!

Nismotech Rating: 100%
Reviewed: Tuesday 9th April 2013