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COUCHMASTER®, the most comfortable lapdesk for mouse and keyboard, brings the desktop PC experience to your living room. Hand-made in Europe, the COUCHMASTER is the perfect support equipment for long comfortable gaming sessions and for ergonomic working on your living room TV. Two big support cushions provide optimum forearm support.

The COUCHMASTER is avaliable in a Basic version, designed for Wireless peripherals, and a Pro version for wired devices.The custom manufactured USB 3.0 hub of the Pro version provides connections for up to 4 input devices (e.g. mouse, keyboard, headset, USB charger, etc.). The latest chip technology makes it possible to operate the hub without a dedicated power cable. The included 16 ft active USB 3.0 extension cable connects the COUCHMASTER® directly to your living room PC.


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Couchmaster Cycon

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NerdyTech : CouchMaster

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