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It all started with an idea...

The whole idea behind the #NismoDragonMaster project is to make the rig/build/PC something special like a piece of art which hopefully will be nice on the eyes, The whole build started with Cooler Master UK offering the Haf Stacker case/V850 PSU and JetFlo 120 LED Red fans if we could build a Rig to display at i53 and of course we jumped at the chance and I started buying the parts for watercooling like the radiators, tubing, reservoirs, pumps and fittings with the help from,  then I got to thinking what if I get looking for someone who can make the mods that I have been thinking about in my head for so long after a little hunting we found Marco from the UK which was great because the mods were going to be made in the US then shipped over which would of cost way to much with the shipping and import tax.

Anyway with the help from Marco designing and making the mods I have been able to to keep the MSI as I am a massive fanboy and Cooler Master theme I wanted as I love the Haf Stacker so much I had been nagging Andy from NismoTechUK for his :-) also the V series Cooler Master PSU's are stunning so the PSU Cover mod has been made so you can still see the V850, even Avexir has helped in a big way with the Blitz 1.1 MSI Edition Ram which is amazing since I have been using the Core series for a long time with Hans from Avexir having to import them to me as they were not sold in the UK at the time so I have been using Avexir Ram for a long time.

I still need to buy the GPU waterblock but I will only do so if I can still get the full cover block and I still need to buy a large HDD and I am not sure if I am going to try and get two SSD's of the same brand as I have a 128Gb Intel and a 240Gb Crucial M500 which I was going to mod so they both looked the same but I don't really feel happy about hiding the SSD's plus the money I have had to use already is way over my budget with buying some of the hardware which had been offered for the build but due to marketing budgets and the amount of time it was going to take I had no option but to buy the missing parts/hardware needed but these things happen I know even when things are planned there can still be brick walls to run into saying that everything is on track with plenty of time.

Bits and pieces...

Case : Cooler Master Haf Stacker 935 + 915F [Sponsored] Motherboard : MSI Z97 Gaming 7 [Bought]
CPU : Intel i7 4770K [Bought]
GPU : MSI R9 280x [Bought]
RAM : 4 x 4GB Avexir Blitz 1.1 (MSI Gaming Dragon Edition)
Quad Channel 1600Mhz [Sponsored]
SSD : 240GB Crucial M500 & 256GB Crucial MX100 [Sponsored]
PSU : Cooler Master V850 full Modular [Sponsored]
Sound Card : Creative Labs ZX [Brought]
Radiators : EK-CoolStream PE 2x 360 + 240 [Bought]
Reservoirs : 1x EK-Bay DCP 2.2 Combo Unit [Bought]
Fittings : Phobya 90° G1/4" Thread Compression Fitting for 1/2" ID - 3/4"; OD (13-19mm)
Tubing : Nickel [Bought] Tubing : ½" ID - 3/4" OD High Flex tubing [Bought]
CPU Block : EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ Nickel Plexi [Bought]
Fluid: Pastel Red from Mayhems [Brought]
Fan Controllers : 2x Aero Cool CoolTouch-R [Sponsored]
Fans : 15 x Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm Red LED fans, [Sponsored]
Lighting : Dual density RED LED kits, side emitting RED LED kit from TopLEDShop [Sponsored]
Braided Cables : from Silverstone [Sponsored]

See you at i53!

We will be showing the #nismodragonmaster rig on the Cooler Master stand at Insomnia, the UK's biggest gaming festival being held at the Rioch Stadium, Coventry from 21st to 24th November 2014 - see you there :o)

We will be doing some more write ups of finishing the build and attending i53 in the near future and we would like to send out a massive than you to all the manufacturers and suppliers who helped sponsor this amazing build.


#NismoDragonMaster - Photo #1
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