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Ozone Gaming

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DSP Technology

With the NEW OZONE DSP TECHNOLOGY (Digital Signal Processing) you will be able to Pinpoint where the fight is just by hearing the gunfire, the steps and the callouts with exceptionally accurate X-Surround Sound. This advanced technology restores clarity and details of compressed audio in music, movies, and games, recreating the subtleties of the original game sounds, making the experience more dynamic and brilliant. Thanks to an integrated Dynamic Bass you will experience a deep and vibrating sound and feel the strong bass signals of drums, guitars, explosions, automobile engines, etc.

With ONDA PRO�s light and ergonomic design, you won�t feel you are wearing them. So forget everything and get into a real new exciting experience!.

Premium X-Surround Sound

Top quality 40mm drivers ensure the X-Surround stereo sound experience at high, low and mid tones. Enhances a more immersive 3D sound experience for game play and video.

Environment Noise Cancellation

Voice processing includes the new Ozone Vocal ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) technology for dual omni-microphones.

Smart close-talk voice capturing technology with dual mics that perfectly cancel out the environmental noises/sounds with the least voice distortion. ENC brings you the best communication convenience and privacy anywhere.

ENC technology - environment noise cancelation - requires specific technical audio parameters. For proper use of ENC technology the microphone should be placed in its natural working position.


£63.99 - at the time of review on Friday 16th May 2014
Does not include P&P

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Fantastic headset that offers great durability topped with amazing comfort thanks to its design and soft padding throughout. Sound quality is superb with a deep rich sound and decent mids. Microphone also performed very well. One of the best out there at a great price.



Tech Specs

Speaker Spec
Impedance - 32 Ohm
Sensitivity - 116+/-4DB
Max input - 100mW
Max input - 100mW

Microphone Spec
Directivity - Omni
Impedance - 2.2K Ohm
Sensitivity - -42 +/-3 dB
Pc and PS4 Compatible

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