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Icy Dock : EZ-Fit PRO MB082SP Dual 2.5'' SSD/HDD Mounting Kit / Bracket

By Andy

Icy Dock

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Icy Dock is proud to introduce the MB082SP, the newest product in the incredibly popular SSD/HDD bracket & converter line. Easy installation and Durability is the key to this product, perfect for users that require the best physical protection of their data, with the least amount of hassle of installation.

The MB082SP made of metal and has a matte black finish, eloquently made to protect your SSDs or hard drives, while allowing one to use it in most PC cases. The screw placement is on both the sides and bottom of the bracket, which are of the exact locations of a 3.5” hard drive. The tool-less drive installation creates a simple way to install your SSD/HDD. Once that is done, then install as you would normally do with a 3.5” hard drive. All that is needed is to slide the SSDs or hard drives in and the drives will automatically lock into place and secured by an EZ-Lock mechanism. The EZ-Lock works just like the way you install a battery in a compact digital camera. The EZ-Lock design not only benefits when you first install a drive, but also when you need to replace a failed SSD or hard drive. Unlike other brand’s bracket, you are no longer forced to deal with 12 small tiny screws, with the EZ-Lock system, simply toggle the EZ-Lock, pop up the drive and replace the failed drive in no time. This is perfect for a system that uses RAID. To reduce the amount of vibration in the drives and the case the MB082SP has a built in unique anti-vibration technology for each bay of the device.

For system builders installing drives using the traditional screw mounting method can really slow your production down. The MB082SP features a quick screw less drive installation that cuts assembly time down. System builders, gamers, and DIY users, would benefit greatly from the MB082SP. The heavy duty solid metal construction and the simplicity of the drive installation make protecting and swapping your hard drives as easy as 1 2 3.


£7.99 - at the time of review on Monday 19th May 2014
Does not include P&P

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Excellent well made bit of kit perfect if you have the need to install SSD's in case that has limited drive bays and amazing value. This is perfect for mini itx systems, or even in a modded build where you are limited on HDD cages. Excellent value for money



Tech Specs

Model Number - MB082SP
Color - Black
Compatible Drive Type - 2.5" SATA/IDE HDD & SSD
Support 9.5mm drive thickness in height
Device Fit - Internal 3.5" device bay
Support HDD Capacity - No Limitation
Structure - Metal
Dimension (L x W x H) - 146 x 102 x 25mm
Weight - 244g

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