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JMODS : Custom Console Old Grumpy Gamer Controller

By Neil


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Xbox 360 Custom Controller
Get yourself a customised controller made by JMODS CUSTOM CONSOLES.

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We absolutely love the creative design work that JMODS have put into this stunning controller. The fantastic colour match and implementation of the OldGrumpyGamer logo is class.. In addition to this, the simple and easy service offered and the flexibility of choice is top class. Looking for a custom controller, look no further.



Tech Specs

Options Available
Wired or Wireless - Choose from a wired or wireless controller.
Thumbsticks - Choose from standard black or go for Domed thumbsticks perfect for FPS.
Mic Plate - Choose from green LED mic plate or standard black.
Trigger Stops - Add trigger stops for the extra advantage
Rumble Motors - Remove the rumble motors to save weight
Gamertag - Add gamertag text to the right hand side and choose a colour to your liking.

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