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Breffo : Spiderpodium

By Neil


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Looks rating of 4 stars

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Looks rating of 3 stars

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Looks rating of 4 stars

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This product has a Silver Rating at Nismotech with an overall rating of 73%


The multi-award winning & Iconic Spiderpodium is one of the worlds bestselling and most functional mobile accessories on the Market. Voted mobile accessory of the year, the Breffo Spiderpodium allows you to ‘Dock’, ‘Stand’, ‘Hang’, ‘Grip’ or ‘Mount’ multiple devices such as Smartphones and Sat-Nav Units virtually anywhere to just about anything...


£14.99 - at the time of review on Saturday 31st May 2014
Does not include P&P

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You could spend hours playing with this product. Massive amount of versatility and the quality of the product is top class. Love the range of colours. I spent way too much time playing with it, it’s like a weird transformer that I couldn’t put down.



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