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i-rocks : A05

By Andy


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Looks rating of 4 stars

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Looks rating of 5 stars

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Looks rating of 4 stars

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Looks rating of 4 stars

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Looks rating of 3 stars

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Looks rating of 3 stars

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This product has a Silver Rating at Nismotech with an overall rating of 77% This product has been awarded the Nismotech Value Award


The noise-isolating earpads are designed to fully cover the user's ears, for total immersion and allows long gaming hours without fatigue.

One of the practical features of the A05 is the double 3.5mm jacks at the bottom of each earpiece, which is the microphone and the headset cables can be swapped to the user's convenience.

The 40mm bass enhanced drivers provide total audio immersion for daily media consumption needs. In-game gunfire explosions, action movie scenes, or music with heavy bass thumps? Amplify the effects with the A05.

The detachable microphone comes with built-in noise cancelling properties which enables high quality, crystal clear voice communications Ė critical in team game communication and important conference calls!

As opposed to conventional plastic, the headband of the A05 is made of metal for extra durability and withstands a lot of punishment.The inner base of the top headband is plush and provides a comfortable fit to the top of the user's head.



£29.99 - at the time of review on Thursday 19th June 2014
Does not include P&P

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This a stylish headset thatís really really good value for money. Sound and build quality for the price is top class. Itís not on the same level as a £60-£100 headset but you really canít grumble for the price. Performs very well



Tech Specs

Type - Close-back dynamic
Driver - 40mm diameter
Frequency response - 20-20k Hz
Sensitivity - 100 dB
Impedence - 38 ohms
Connector - Gold-plated stereo 3.5mm
Cable - 1.2 Coiled. PU litz wire

Type - Noise Cancelling
Impedence - 2.2k ohms
Sensitivity - -46 Ī 3dB
Frequency - 100-10K Hz

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