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NerdyTech : CouchMaster

By Neil


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This handmade system of fine imitation leather will give you the most convinient way to control your PC directly from your couch. The Couchmaster is the perfect support equipment for long gaming sessions or for ergonomic working on your living room TV.

Due to the big support cushions your forearms are supported optimally. The integrated USB 3.0 hub provides connections for up to 4 input devices (eg mouse, keyboard, headset, etc..). The latest chip technology makes it possible to operate the entire system without extra power.The delivered 5 m active USB 3.0 cable connects the Couchmaster directly with your PC.

We have tested a distance up to 10 meters!


£89.99 - at the time of review on Thursday 24th July 2014
Does not include P&P

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Weird and wonderful but an excellent concept. Its extremely comfortable to use thanks to its padded construction. The integrated USB hub makes this even better when it comes so simple use and cable management. if your one who prefers to game from the couch it�s a great addition to your setup.


Little worried about the durability on the velcro.

Tech Specs

Integrated USB 3.0 Hub (max 900mA), no extra power needed, four ports
5 meter active cable extension (expandable to 10 meter)
Ergonomic design made in germany
Universal use with different peripherals
Internal, practical cable management
Also ideal for the laptop use
Removable heel of hand cushions
Practical mouse protecion pocket
Sidebag to store even more gaming tools
Plug and Play

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