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Akasa : F.C Trio Fan

By Andy


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The FC.TRIO has a brushed aluminium panel and gives you control of three fans using temperature monitoring. Designed to accommodate three 30W fans with speed control down to Zero RPM. The VFD display has an off sleep mode.

� Brushed aluminum panel
� 3 control channels with temperature monitoring and alarm
� 30W available for each fan control channel
� Fan speed control to zero RPM
� High quality VFD display
� Display off sleep mode


£28.59 - at the time of review on Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Does not include P&P

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This is a great fan controller. Excellent build quality and looks. It also has the added bonus of being able to complete turn the fans off. You should also be able to connect at least 2x fans per channel. You won�t find many better for the price Value Award because it�s a fantastic unit for the money. Nice clear and easy to understand display and the build quality is great


Wish there was a dual bay version offering more channels

Tech Specs

Number of channels - 3 fans
3 temperatures
Fan voltage control - DC 0-12V (�10%)
Max load - Max 2.5A (Per channel)
Screen size - 56 x 24.5mm
Fan speed display - 0000 - 9999 RPM
Temperature display - 0�C - 100�C ( 32�F - 199,9�F )
Knobs lenght - 10.2mm
Input voltage - DC 5V, DC12V
Dimension - 148.5 x 41.5 x 88mm

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