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EKWB : L240 Watercooling Kit

By Lee


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The EK-KIT L240 water cooling kit is a basic kit for all users that seek simple, yet quality and effiicient all-in-one solution, assembled from selected market proven components.

EK-Supreme LTX (LTX stands for Light XTreme) is a universal Intel socket CPU waterblock for the advanced enthusiast users. It has been designed to lower the production costs yet still offer the EK quality branded CPU waterblock at the best price. Now even better and more user friendly with PreciseMount mounting mechanism!

240mm version of EK-CoolStream PE radiator will fit in majority of computer chassis/cases and will succesfully take the heat out of your system. EK-DCP 2.2 12V DC water pump is also a market proven product which allows adequate and optimal flow for your water cooling system.

High quality EK made EPDM rubber tubing ensures long lasting operation and does not suffer from plasticizer leaching effect, very common with regular PVC tubing. This 10/16mm (ID/OD) tubing also allow for very tight turn radius!

Majority of components have been pre-assembled resulting in quick and painless installation procedure. This kit can also be upgraded with an additional EK-VGA Supremacy, EK-FB, EK-FC or EK-RAM series waterblocks!


£157.99 - at the time of review on Friday 29th August 2014
Does not include P&P

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Fantastic start kit for anyone looking to get into liquid cooling with the benefit of being fully upgradable. Comes with everything to go right out of the box with very decent components. *NOTE* As we are yet to test the cooling, itís difficult to compare this to other coolers, but once this has been done we will update.


Not sure why blue UV fluid was included with black tubing

Tech Specs

universal CPU water block - EK-Supreme LTX UNI CSQ 2013 (incl. mounting & thermal material)
radiator - EK-CoolStream PE 240 (Dual)
radiator fan - EK-FAN Silent 120-1600 RPM (2pcs)
water pump / reservoir combo unit: EK-DCP 2.2 X-RES incl. Pump
tubing - EK-TUBE ZMT Matte Black 16/10mm (2 meters)
compression fittings - EK-CSQ Fitting 16/10mm - G1/4 Nickel (6 pcs)
coolant concentrate - EK-Ekoolant EVO CLEAR (conc.100mL)

This water cooling kit is compatible with the following CPU sockets
- Intel LGA-775
- Intel LGA-1366
- Intel LGA-1155/1156
- Intel LGA-2011
- AMD Sockets - 939, 754, 940
- AMD Sockets - AM2(+), AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+)

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