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Enermax : iVektor

By Andy


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iVektor – Soft Grip. Drive Hard.
Multi-functional and race-inspired Midi Tower with maximum usability and high-performance cooling for gaming rigs and workstations.
Soft-Grip Coating
Innovative rubber skin which creates a quality and stylish appearance. Positive side effect: The new soft-grip coating from Enermax has a shock-absorbing effect, reduces noise and prevents the case from fingerprints and scratches.

Multi-GPU Support
Seven extension card slots allow for the installation of up to three graphics cards.
Flexible HDD/SDD Cage
Multifunctional upper HDD/SSD cage with movable side bracket. When removing the bracket, you can create space for oversized graphics cards with up to 415mm length and improve the air circulation inside the case. In center position, the bracket allows for the installation of four 2.5” HDD/SDD. Mounted in the outer position, up to four 3.5” HDD/SSD can be installed.

Powerful Cooling System
One 12cm rear fan included. Many options to upgrade the cooling system with numerous additional fans: two 12cm fans in the front, two 12cm fans at the top and one 12cm fan at the bottom.
3-step Speed Control
RPM control of the integrated 12cm rear fan and one optional fan. The speed can be controlled in three steps with a switch on the top of the case.
Ready for Water-Cooled Systems
Supports 120mm radiators and - depending on the mainboard model - 240mm radiators at the top. Two tubing holes at the back for the integration of high-performance water cooling systems.

Data Storage Management
Sophisticated Data Storage
The case accommodates up to 7 data storage devices (HDD & SSD): One cage for three 3.5” HDD and one multi-functional cage to accommodate either four 3.5” HDD/SSD or four 2.5” HDD/SSD.
Protection Against HDD Vibration
HDD rails with rubber pads effectively reduce vibrations.
Ultra High-Speed Data Transfer
Two USB 3.0 ports on the top panel for a lightning-fast data transfer with up to 5Gb/sec.

Installation, Cable Routing & Operation
Patented Slide-In™ System for ODD
The new screwless Slide-In™ system from Enermax is the quickest and easiest way to mount optical disk drives. After pushing the ODD into the drive bay, it gets locked automatically.
Well-spaced Cable Management
Openings and clips for a clean and hidden cable routing. With 30mm clearance behind the mainboard tray and punched out side panel.
Effectively Shielded Against Dust
Integrated dust filters in the front, top and bottom of the case.
Bottom-Mounted PSU
Comfortable cable routing and optimized cooling performance thanks to bottom-mounted power supply. With anti-vibration rubber pads and cleanable dust filter at the bottom of the case.
Toolless HDD Installation
Quick and easy installation system for Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) with tool- and screwless rails.



Β£67.71 - at the time of review on Friday 4th October 2013
Does not include P&P

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Amazing eye catching design, great build quality and stunning looks. Soft touch rubber finish with a great internal layout. Has all the features that you need for a case of this size with good air and water cooling support. I really like the storage options. Extremely good value for money and one of my favourite cases in this size


Missing black cables and rubber grommets which is a real shame.

Tech Specs

Type - ATX Midi Tower
Colour - black / white
Interior Colour - black / white
Material - SECC / Soft-Grip Coating
Dimensions (D x W x H) - 495mm x 234mm x 508mm
Drive bays 5,25" - 3x
Drive Bays 3,5" - 7x (4x removable)
Drive Bays 2,5" - 4x (converted from 3.5" HDD tray)
I/O on top - 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD Audio, Fan Speed Control
Air Cooling - Front - optional: 2x 12cm fan
Air Cooling - Top - optional: 2x 12cm fan or 1x 240mm radiator*
Air Cooling - Bottom - optional: 1x 12cm fan
Air Cooling - Rear - pre-installed: 1x 12cm fan
Max. Length Graphics Cards - 290mm / 322mm / 415mm (depending on upper HDD cage position)
Max. CPU Cooler Height - 179mm
Extension card slots - 7x
Tubing Holes for Water Cooling - 2x

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