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Vicovation : Marcus 5 Dual In Car Camera

By Andy : Supplied by Pakatak

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Vicovation are one of the leading manufacturers in the car dashcam market. Renowned for quality & reliability so as you would expect the Marcus 5 Dual In Car Camera system does not disappoint!

The Marcus 5 system comprises of 2 1080P HD cameras, one for recording video of the road ahead and the other for the road behind, so virtually complete coverage should any accident occur around or near your vehicle.

For easy setup and instant playback, the main forward facing camera unit has a built in 2.4" LCD screen. Video footage is stored on the 32G SD card, supplied with the Vicovation Marcus 5 Dual system.

Vicovation only manufacture professional level products and optional extras such as the GPS mouse and CPL filter which are available for the car camera system. The GPS mouse connects to the main unit and offers full GPS coverage, speed & map overlay showing where your vehicle was at any point during your recorded footage. The CPL filter is an excellent addition too, with many dash cams you will notice that your video footage can be tainted by reflections from your cars' dashboard (especially on sunny days). Vicovations' CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) filter removes these reflections to give you even better HD video footage.

The front facing camera offers a wide angle of view of 145 degrees and the Marcus 5 system allows you the option of recording or muting the audio.

A 6m (approx) lead is supplied for connecting the rear camera to the main front camera unit and the entire system can be powered from the cigarette lighter socket using the cable supplied for this - works off either 12v or 24v.

A suction mount is supplied for the main unit and an adhesive mount for the rear camera, both cameras can be disconnected from these mounts in seconds.

Recorded files are in .mov format and can be played back on TV or PC (Windows or Mac). If you buy the optional extra GPS mouse then you will need to download the Vico Player Software so that you can see the GPS map position, speed and G-sensor information. The Vico Player Software is for Windows only, not Mac compatible.

Recorded video clip length is 5 minutes per clip, this cannot be changed.

The Vicovation Marcus 5 Dual has another benefit over many other dash cameras in that is uses a capacitor rather than a battery, this is advantageous as often the first thing to fail in a car camera will be the battery due to overheating and constant recharging.


£249.99 - at the time of review on Tuesday 8th September 2015
Does not include P&P

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The quality for the footage is fantastic especially considering it is recording two 1080p files at the same time. Installation is simple and easy and with a good selection of mounting options. The rear camera is mega impressive considering its size. Menus system is simple and easy and overall a fantastic investment.


Option for suction on the rear camera mounting brackets would be great.

Tech Specs

Sensor: Dual 2 Mega Pixel CMOS
Image Processor: Ambarella A7
Lens: F/2.0
Angle of View: 145 Degrees (approx)
Video Resolution: Dual 1920x1080 @30fps, Dual 1280x720 @ 30fps
2.4" TFT LCD
G-Sensor: 3 Axis (built in)
SD Card: 32G Supplied (Class 10 SDHC only)
Audio Recording (switch off option)
File Format: H.264 .MOV files
15 Languages Available

Front Camera (main unit): 72x63x33 (mm)
Rear Camera: 39x31x29 (mm)

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