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be quiet! : Power Zone 750w

By Andy

be quiet!

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The be quiet! Power Zone is home for discerning gamers and PC enthusiasts seeking high power, top performance and great features. Power Zone 750W hits that sweet spot with granite stability, advanced cooling features, low noise and great value.

750 Watts of continuous power output with massive 12V rail design and DC-to-DC technology make this power supply ideal for overclocking
Variable speed 135mm SilentWings® fan with airflow-optimized blades, copper core fluid dynamic bearing, and special 6-pole motor enables quiet operation
COOL*OFF feature runs fans for three minutes after system shutdown to protect your valuable components at their time of maximum heat stress
Connect up to three case fans for optimized system cooling that is thermally controlled by the PSU, quieting your whole system
Full cable management with quality sleeved cables and four PCI Express connectors supports maximum build flexibility and superior airflow in your case
80PLUS® Bronze certification for high efficiency of up to 90%. Support of Intel’s Deep Power Down C6/C7 mode
Product conception, design and quality control in Germany

Feature Details
Performance Zone
Massive 12V rail design, Active Clamp and Synchronous Rectifier (SR) technology (for 12V and 5V), DC-to-DC (for 3.3V and 5V) voltage step-down for rock-solid power stability and minimal signal noise
Up to 62A / 744W available on the +12V rail, respectively 99.2% of the total power
Designed for powerful operation even at 50° C
Certified for NVIDIA SLI and CrossfireX multi-GPU systems
ATX12V 2.4 & EPS12V 2.92 compatibility supports the latest generations of processors from Intel® and AMDTM
Excellent voltage regulation under 2% on the 12V rail

Quiet Zone
Installed variable speed 135mm SilentWings® fan includes a wide array of electronic and mechanical optimizations for best-of-class air flow with very low noise production
unique airflow-optimized fan blade design reduces noise-generating fan turbulence
advanced fluid dynamic bearing with copper core provides greatly reduced operating noise and super-long life
special 6-pole motor reduces power consumption and vibration
SilentWings® fan reduces transmission of vibration and noise
Variable fan speed is optimally governed to strike the best balance between proper cooling and deep quiet

Cooling Zone
COOL*OFF feature runs fan for three minutes after system shutdown, protecting valuable components at their time of maximum heat stress
Connect up to three case fans for optimized system cooling that is thermally controlled by the PSU, quieting your whole system

Connection Zone
Fully modular cable management with quality sleeved cables simplifies component installation, reduces annoying clutter, maximizes build flexibility, and improves cooling due to increased airflow
System supports up to 21 connectors for massive system builds
Four PCI Express connectors supported for powerful multi-GPU configurations (NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX)
Excellent compatibility for past, current and future components
Sleeved cable lengths up to 115cm also promote cooling and are perfect for large PC cases
Individual P4 and P8 plugs support all common mainboard types
Clearly labeled plugs and clever accessories promote simple installation

Safety Zone
Top protection for components against over-currents, over- and under-voltages, short circuits, overheating and overloads
Built-in surge protection included

Green Zone
80PLUS® Bronze certification for high efficiency of up to 90%
Active Power Factor Correction with an PF of up to 0.99
Standby power drain <0.15W
Meets Energy Star 6.0 guideline
ErP 2014 Ready
Zero Load design supports Intel’s Deep Power Down C6/C7 mode

Quality Zone
High quality 105°C-rated capacitors on AC and DC side for maximum performance, high reliability, and longer PSU life under high load
Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2014
5-year manufacturer's warranty


£109.54 - at the time of review on Thursday 8th October 2015
Does not include P&P

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WOW this PSU looks amazing. But it doesn't just stop at the looks, its packed full off features like the ability to add up to 3 case fans, massive 12v rail, Cool Off feature and fully modular cables.


Missing flat black cables which would have been the icing on the cake.

Tech Specs

Wattage:750 W
80 PLUS Certification:80 PLUS Bronze
Max. Efficiency: 90 %
Cooling: Fan
Fans: 1 x 135mm
Internal +12V Rails: Single Rail
Rail 1 +12V: 62 A
Max. Combined Output +12V: N/A
Modular: Yes
Modularity: Full Modular
SLI/CrossFire: Yes
EPS 12V: Yes
Motherboard Connector: 20+4 Pin
Connectors: 1 x 4+4pin CPU +12V 4 x 4pin Molex 4 x 6+2pin PCI-E Power 1 x FDD Power 8 x SATA Power
Dimensions:150 x 86 x 175 mm (WxHxD)

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