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Sandberg : Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

By Andy


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The Sandberg Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard combines a wireless keyboard and mouse in a single compact and handy device. The built-in, user-friendly touchpad takes on all mouse functions such as scroll and double-click. The Sandberg Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard is a handy and time-saving solution for lots of different Bluetooth devices. Typing on the screen of a tablet PC, with the joypad for a games console or on a computer connected to the TV can be a slow process. This is the solution! The keyboard connects wirelessly to the desired device via Bluetooth in no time.

Available in UK, DE or Nordic Layouts


£49.93 - at the time of review on Wednesday 14th October 2015
Does not include P&P

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Stunning, sleek, professional, portable, flexible, simple to use, works well so many different positive works can describe this fantastic product


A nice case to keep it nice and safe in

Tech Specs

Bluetooth interface (HID)
Bluetooth v/3.0 Broadcom chipset
Built-in 190mAh LiB Battery
Operating distance: Up to 10 metres
Supports Adaptive Frequency Hopping(AFH)
13 hot keys
82 standard keys
LED indicators for Fn Lock, Num Lock, Caps Lock and Low Battery
Touchpad with scroll function
Weight: 290 g
Dimensions: 369.10 x 111.25 x 6.3 mm

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