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Icy Dock : FlexCage MB973SP-1B

By Andy

Icy Dock

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Introducing the FlexCage MB973SP-1B, a 3-in-2 Tray-less SATA Backplane Cage for 3.5 SATA hard drives. This is a commercially designed product in the FlexCage series for use in server environments, such as towers or rackmounts. This FlexCage incorporates the best technologies to meet those demands, with second to none fit, function, and reliability.

Space Saving & Tray-less Design
The MB973SP-1B has been designed to maximize space use by allowing up to 3 x 3.5 SATA III hard drives, while only consuming two 5.25 device bays. The FlexCage also only requires two 4-pin power ports (or two 15-pin power ports with included 4 pin to 15 pin adapter cables), to power up to three 3.5 hard drives. In order to further the convenience of the FlexCage, our renowned tray-less technology is integrated into the cage -- no screws or tools are required to insert or eject the drives, making hot swapping a completely hassle free experience. However, because of the tray-less technology used, maintenance becomes dramatically reduced to simply ejecting a failed drive, and then reinserting the replacement.


£82.60 - at the time of review on Wednesday 16th October 2013
Does not include P&P

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Fantastic build quality with a simple and effective design. The device is very easy to install and use and performs very well.


Price is a bit on the high side.

Tech Specs

Model Number :
Color :
Drive Fit :
3.5 SATA 1.5 / 3 / 6 Gbit/s hard drive x 3
Drive Bay :
5.25" half height device bay x 2
Host Interface :
7 pin SATA port x 3
Power Input :
4 pin power port x 2 or 15 pin power port x 2
(w/ included 4 to 15 pin adapter cables)
Transfer Rate :
Up to 6Gb/sec. (depending on hard drive speed)
Insert& Extract connection via :
Direct SATA hard drive connection
Structure :
Aluminum body w/ partial plastic
Drive Cooling :
Removable rear outtake fan w/ aluminum heat dispersion
Cooling Fan Type :
80mm ball bearing fan with 2 or 3 pin connector
Power Indicator :
Blue LED
HDD Access Indicator :
Flashing blue LED
Dimension (L x W x H) :
8.27" x 5.83" x 3.35"
Weight :
1.97 lbs

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