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Sandberg : Power Bank 8000

By Andy


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Sandberg PowerBank 8000 is a portable battery which is charged via a USB port and can then transfer the power to a mobile phone or other mobile device. With a fully charged PowerBank in your bags, you can ensure that you will always be able to charge your devices anywhere anytime without having to depend on a power socket. PowerBank 8000 has extra high capacity and can charge two devices simultaneously, e.g. an iPad and a mobile phone. Look forward to a future without dead batteries! English user guide.


£42.91 - at the time of review on Monday 21st October 2013
Does not include P&P

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Great portable power bank that never seems to run out of juice. Small and compact and lightweight. Performs very well in terms of battery life and charging time. Charges an iPad and iPhone at the same time. Top Class Value award because of its large capacity, ability to charge two devices at a fantastic price



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