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Arctic : Freezer 13 CO

By Andy


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Superior Cooling Performance
A 92 mm PWM fan in combination with double-sided 6 mm copper heatpipes and a 45-fin heatsink enable the Freezer 13 CO to deliver high performance and improve heat transfer from the CPU. It excels in cooling efficiency in a Hexus comparison review with the stock cooler as well as competitors.

Low Noise
Freezer 13 CO is one of the quietest coolers in the market, according to a test by Hexus.

Thanks to the PWM control, the fan speed adjusts according to the CPU temperature and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum which qualifies it as a silent cooler. Click here to see how the PWM control settings can be changed according to your performance and noise preference.

Freezer 13 CO features wide compatibility with AMD and Intel sockets. Its simple mounting system is designed to fit all current CPU platforms. It is compatible with AMD Sockets FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, 939 and 754; Intel Sockets 1366, 1156, 1155 and 775.



£29.80 - at the time of review on Friday 25th October 2013
Does not include P&P

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Great CPU cooler for those that need 24/7 operation this will do the trick. Nice and quiet fan even when spinning at the higher RPM, simple installation with easy to follow instructions. Great value for money. *NOTE* As we are yet to test the cooling, its difficult to compare this to other coolers, but once this has been done we will update.



Tech Specs

- Heatsink Dimension: 123mm x 96mm x 130mm (L x W x H)
- Heatsink Material: Aluminum fins x 45, thickness 0.5mm
- Fan: 92mm, 600 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
- Air Flow: 36.4 CFM
- Max. cooling capacity: 200 Watts
- Bearing type: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
- Weight: 695g
- Compatibility: Intel 775/1155/1156/1366 AMD 939/AM2/AM2+/AM3

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