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Tesoro : Kuven 7.1 Virtual

By Andy


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The Helmet of Hades, also known as the Helm of Darkness, renders its wearer invisible even to the eyes of the gods. It is one of the sources of Hades's power and was forged for him by the Cyclopes during the war against the Titans, along with Zeus's thunderbolts and Poseidon's trident.

Extreme gaming grade headsets.
50 mm Drivers Units.
7.1 virtual surround sound.
Crystal clear high, middle and low tones.
Closed Type Headset with Improved Noise Reduction.
Detachable & Comfortable Ear Cup.
1.2m Braided Cable with Gold Plated 3.5mm Audio / Microphone connectors.
2m extension cable..
Y type 2 to 1 convert cable x 1.
Volume / Microphone mute controller.
Adjustable leather headband.
Stylish aluminum plate.
Color: Angel



£55.99 - at the time of review on Sunday 2nd March 2014
Does not include P&P

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Great overall design which is something different. Despite its shape its mega comfy to wear and has great durability. Outstanding sound quality especially with the supplied 7.1 channel USB sound card. Microphone is really good and itís a great headset for your dollar


Microphone is a little bit to big and chunky

Tech Specs

Headset Spec
Driver Unit - 50mm
Frequency Response - 20Hz~20KHz
Impedance - 32 ohms
Sensitivity - 116 +/- 4dB(at 1KHz)
Cable Length - 1.2m+2m=3.2m
3.5 stereo plug

Directivity - Noise Cancelling
Impedance - 2.2K ohms
Frequency - 100~10KHz
Sensitivity - -38 +/- 3dB(at 1KHz)

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