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Mionix : Naos 7000

By Andy


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The NAOS 7000 is a truly ergonomic, right-handed gaming mouse. The unique shape is developed for a full palm grip with support for all five fingers.
The ADNS-3310 gaming grade optical sensor delivers no positive or negative hardware acceleration, amazing accuracy, smooth tracking, and a maximum speed of more than 5.45m/sec (215 IPS) all the way up to 7000DPI.
With the new lift off distance (LOD) Calibration feature we have combined the Surface Quality Analyzer Tool (S.Q.A.T ) with adjustment of the lift off height to find the lowest possible LOD with optimized tracking.
The lightning fast 32bit ARM processor enables the mouse to have many features without compromising the tracking of the sensor. The downloadable software provides access to fully customize all buttons, sensor settings, LED colors, macros and profiles


£65.00 - at the time of review on Monday 10th March 2014
Does not include P&P

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A great looking mouse with some wicked LED effects. Extremely comfortable to use and game with. Sensor performs really well and the software is also simple to use. Overall a great soft touch gaming mouse



Tech Specs

32bit ARM processor 32mhz
Ergonomic, right-handed gaming mouse.
Soft touch rubber coating
7 fully programmable buttons
3 steps in-game DPI adjustment
2 integrated LEDs in 2 colour zones
Up to 16.8 Million LED colour options
Color shift, Solid, Blinking, Pulsating and Breathing effects
128 kb built-in memory
Large PTFE mouse feet
Gold Plated, Full speed USB 2.0 connection with Plug and Play
Cable 2m long braided cable
Sensor Specification
ADNS 3310 gaming grade IR-LED optical sensor
Up to 7000DPI
MAX tracking speed of at least 5.45m/sec (215 IPS)
No positive or negative hardware acceleration
Adjustable Lift Off Distance
Software Features
Up to 5 Profiles saved to the in-built memory
Adjustable X / Y Axis
Adjustable Polling Rate
Live record macro manager
Up to 16.8 million color LED options
Customize RGB manger
Pulsating, Blinking and Breathing LED effects
Color Shift lighting mode
Angle Snapping adjustable in 15 steps
Angle Tuning adjustable from -30 to 30 degrees
LOD Calibration tool
S.Q.A.T Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
Dimensions & Weight
130.8484.7238.67 mm / 5.153.331.52 in
Netto (w/o cable): 103 gr
Netto (cable incl.): 147 gr

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