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Xqisit : xqB20

By Andy


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Simple design is good design. XQISIT takes this sound advice to heart with every product and the xqB20 Pocket Speaker is no exception. A spherical audio wonder in its own right, the xqB20 offers both superb sound quality and first-rate functionality. While its Bluetooth mode enables it to connect with ranged devices, its 3.5 mm line in/out allows one to link multiple xqB20 to each other, forming a spectacular audio, daisy chain. Thereís also the rubberized base to keep it from bouncing up and down to the rhythm of your favorite beats Ė all enriched by the speakerís 4.5 W HD passive subwoofer. And the best part? You can fit it all in your pocket.


£28.99 - at the time of review on Friday 14th March 2014
Does not include P&P

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AMAZING!!! Mega loud without distortion for such a small compact speaker, good deep base, ear piercing vocals and perfect for just about every genre of music. Sexy looking design available in a wider variety of colours. You canít get better than this little pocket beauty



Tech Specs

Bluetooth 3.0: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
4.5 W HD passive subwoofer
150 -16k Hz frequency response
integrated 700 mAh Li-ion battery
3 hours operating time
2 hours charging time
USB charger (cable included)
3.5 mm headphone jack

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