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X2 Product : Solarblast

By Neil

X2 Product

Our Product Rating:

Looks Rating
Looks rating of 4 stars

Value Rating
Looks rating of 3 stars

Comfort Rating
Looks rating of 4 stars

Build Quality Rating
Looks rating of 4 stars

Sound Quality Rating
Looks rating of 4 stars

Mic Quality Rating
Looks rating of 3 stars

Overall Rating:
This product has a Silver Rating at Nismotech with an overall rating of 73%



We are proud to introduce to the X2 product lines, high quality gaming headsets with high quality microphones. The SolarBlast gaming headset is designed with comfort, functionality and genuine gaming pleasure in mind. The SolarBlast is connected by a single USB connector. The headset features a bass boost button and a volume control dial on the left ear cup, adjusting the performance and volume in seconds. Also featured is a microphone that folds into a slot on the side of the ear cup. The ear cup itself covers your entire ear, closing off any outside interference that can cause distractions. Enjoy amazing audio and hear your opponent before you see him. Dominate the game with this sophisticated gaming headset. X2 - All geared up!

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Great looking headset that�s built well and appears to be very durable. Sound quality is really good and despite its ridgity the mic also performs well. Very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.


Mic is to rigid for my likeing as your not able to bend it closer or further away from your mouth

Tech Specs

Virtual 7.1 sound system
Amazing sound quality
Cool color scheme
Lightweight and durable
Volume control and Bass boost function
Backed by 2 year manufacturer service warranty

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