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Steelseries : Siberia V2 {Heat Orange}

By Andy


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The Siberia v2 Heat Orange headset is a shining member of our iconic Siberia headset line, which revolutionized the industry with unparalleled comfort and sound quality. This headsetís incredible design features brilliant illumination, enduring comfort, and excellent audio performance, all in one package.

At the core of the Siberia v2 Illuminatedís incredible audio experience are 50mm SteelSeries speaker drivers that pump out crystal-clear, full-range audio. The headset is powered by an advanced built-in sound card making a direct, lossless, digital connection to guarantee even the smallest audio details make their way into your ears. While gaming, what you hear can be just as important as what you see; we donít want you missing anything.

Powering the Siberia v2 Heat Orange is its on-cable, USB sound card which delivers CD-quality stereo audio and crystal-clear microphone vocals. We have kept things simple as there are no extra devices or cables to plug in - everything is built right into the cable.


£71.00 - at the time of review on Wednesday 9th April 2014
Does not include P&P

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Really like the design of the V2 headsets and with this model having the additional orange LED glow it adds to the looks. Build quality as you would expect is good as well as the exceptional sound quality. Top headset



Tech Specs

Frequency Response - 18 Ė 28000 Hz
Impedance - 40 Ohm
Cable Length - 1.2 m (3 ft)
USB Cable Extension - 2 m (6.5 ft)

Frequency Response - 50 Ė 16000 Hz
Pick Up Pattern - Uni-directional
Sensitivity - -38 dB
Active Noise Reduction - Up to 20dB
Compatible with: Windows, Mac OS X, PS4*

Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories

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