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Icy Dock : Black Vortex MB074SP-B

By Andy

Icy Dock

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We�re proud to announce our latest creation: The Black Vortex MB074SP-B. Created to exceed the highest level of expectations, the Black Vortex certainly doesn�t disappoint. It includes an impressive array of features and functionality such as 4-in-3 storage bay �meaning you can fit 4 x 3.5� drives in 3 x 5.25� slots. The Black Vortex has front access and EZ-Grip handles to give you the ability to swap drives without breaking a sweat. The quiet 120mm fan combined with all metal ventilated design keeps both your drives and system cool. The Black Vortex is a must-have for any system build.
Innovative functionality

The Black Vortex MB074SP-B has space saving features that converts 3 x 5.25� slots into 4 x 3.5� bays allowing greater storage density by utilizing unused space. This can be imperative for power users that demand ample storage capacity in their systems. Each bay allows for any type of 3.5� drive whether it�s SATA, SAS, or IDE interface. The Black Vortex is also compatible with our 2.5" to 3.5" SSD / HDD converter - the EZConvert series, so you can mount a 2.5� drive as well, or if you would like to mount two 2.5� drives in a single bay, you can utilize our EZ-Fit series SSD / HDD bracket to incorporate more storage density.

We�ve created the Black Vortex to be as convenient as possible, requiring very little downtime when swapping out drives. Full front access allows users to quickly and easily install and remove drives, without having to remove the entire cage. Additionally, you can replace drives without the hassle of disassembling your computer chassis.

Installation has never been easier due to our EZ-Grip handles. Installing these to your hard drive only requires two simple screws. Use these to effortlessly slide your drives into our Black Vortex Cage and lock the switch. We�ve designed our locking mechanism to mount your drives firmly so once they�re locked in place, they�re not going anywhere.

Our EZ-Grip handles are also compatible with our portable docks and HDD Adapters such as the EZ-Dock Series and EZ-Adapter. You can quickly remove your drive from the Black Vortex, and insert them into our docking stations without removing the EZ-Grip handles. This is extremely useful when transfer data in between systems.

Efficient Cooling

The Black Vortex MB074SP-B gets its name from the whopping 120mm fan integrated in the unit, which allows it to efficiently cool not just the drives, but the entire system. The included 120mm fan effectively pulls cool air from outside the system resulting in a lower overall temperature which may increase performance. Strategically placed in front of the Black Vortex, having multiple units allows for even greater system cooling along with storage space.

The Black Vortex also features built-in LED on the fan that brilliantly Illuminates your case and provides an ambient blue color. It�s a surefire way to grab the attention of everyone in the room whether you�re at a LAN party or just inviting guests over. It�s a great addition to any computer that demands proper cooling.

The included removable dust filter can easily be removed and cleaned within a matter of seconds. Just open the cage door, pull the filter out the side, shake off the dust, and reinsert it back in. It doesn�t get any easier.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Black Vortex made by full metal frame that complements any computer chassis. Crafted to be ruggedly stylish and extremely robust, the Black Vortex is meant to endure the harshest conditions. Your drives are guaranteed to be protected when they�re enclosed in a full metal surrounding. The symmetrical web-like pattern adds a dash of flair so you can be confident that your system will turn heads


£38.99 - at the time of review on Thursday 10th April 2014
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A very aggressive looking design. Love the use of the blue LED fan that looks good as well as provides a decent amount of airflow. Build quality is superb, its easy to install and use and would look amazing as part of a modded build.



Tech Specs

Model Number - MB074SP-B
Color - Black
Drive Fit - 4 x 3.5� IDE/ SAS/ SATA HDD
Device Fit - 3 x .5.25" half height device bay
Host Interface - Direct hard drive data connection
Power Input - Direct hard drive power connection
Structure - Metal body with partial plastic
Cooling System - 12cm blue LED fan & metal open frame
Cooling Fan Spec - 120 x 120 x 25mm
Dimension (L x W x H) - 223 x 145 x 126mm
Weight - 904g
Package Contents - Device x 1, User Manual x 1, Screw x 18

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