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Gamester Gear : Cruiser PC200

By Neil

Gamester Gear

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Looks rating of 4 stars

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This product has a Silver Rating at Nismotech with an overall rating of 73%


Ultra light PC gaming headset
The Cruiser PC200-I is an exceptional headset that adds definition to sounds and music. This premium headset produces clean sounds making everything move alive. The Cruiser PC200-I will give users a superior audio experience that is differentiable from others. Designed also for comfort, it features removable earpads layered in soft cloth and leatherette padding on the headband.


£35.99 - at the time of review on Sunday 27th April 2014
Does not include P&P

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This headset is very comfortable to use thanks to its padded headband and ear cups. Sound quality is really good and the mic isnít bad either. It does lack the wow factor in its overall look and the build quality isnít the best that we have seen, feels a little cheap.



Tech Specs

Large 57mm Drivers for audio quality with deep bass and clear highs
Removable Microphone
Frequency Response - 20 Ė 20KHz
Acoustic Design: Dynamic, Closed-back
Compatible with Mobile devices , desktop PC, and Laptops
Detachable Microphone .
Easy removable mic with twist lock mechanism.
4 Pole Headset Plug Design.
Single headset plug design provide easy connection to any devices with headset jack. A audio splitter is also provided to support PC/laptop that only have audio and mic 3.5mm jacks.
Large 57mm Drivers.
Engineered with enormous 57mm drivers in each ear cup. The powerful drivers deliver an impressive clear cut audio sound that intensifies gameplay. Background sounds and music are seemingly flawless yet.

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